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  3. You, Visitor, User, is any person who reads or looks or uses any part of this web in any way.
  4. We, Us, is the current registrant of this domain and this web account.
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  9. Disclaimer: Placing any information is at the sole risk of the person who places the message. Any and all visitors and/or users of this web confirm that they will never file any claim for any whatever indemnification concerning any whatever real or fictive reason towards any co-registrant, co-owner, co-operator, or any person who is somehow involved with the existence of the domain and any and all related assets and activity.
  10. Privacy: All users agree that any possible information about their visit can and will be collected for improvement of this project. Any and all collected information is unavailable to any other people but law enforcement agencies. Individual requests must be done by registered letter to the current registrant of this domain, and requester must prove legal interest in the information. That is to be the registrant or a law enforcement office on official mission.
  11. In case of any dispute, choice of settlement method is proposed by Us and accepted by You.
  12. Contact: If it is estimated really necessary to contact us, then please send a postal letter to the current registrant of this Internet domain.
  13. About us: Sorry, folks. To reduce UCE, we are forced to do it this way. To find who is the current owner of this domain, please do a Whois search here or here. That is the only person to negotiate with.
  14. Business offers: By letter or by telefax only. Not by telephone and not by email. If You cannot afford postage etc., then we believe that You are not in a position to deal with us.
  15. All people who continue to access or/and make any use of this web unconditionally affirm that they have understood directly or with translation help all these terms and conditions to access and to use this web and any and all content, and that they also unconditionally agree to all of the terms and conditions. Who does not agree is not allowed to remain on this web.